Fondsgesellschaft im Portrait: M&G

M&G ist mit einem verwalteten Fondsvermögen von über 196 Mrd. Euro (Stand Dez. 2009) eines der führenden aktiven Investmenthäuser Europas. Im Folgenden ein Überblick über die Philosophie, das Management und die Produkte des Hauses: Funds | 12.03.2010 04:30 Uhr

The investment philosophy

M&G manages funds across the different asset classes: equities, fixed income and property. We believe that opportunities exist across all asset classes and across all geographies – our product portfolio supports this. In order to capitalise on these opportunities our fund managers are unified by a common approach: M&G is built on the principles of active fund management. To implement this approach, we have built what we believe to be a hugely talented pool of managers who are focused exclusively on delivering outstanding investment performance from their funds. They are supported by a robust in-house infrastructure providing market-leading research, client management support, risk management and dealing capabilities.

The external managed volumes

We do not outsource the management of any active strategies.

The focus
M&G’s company culture and fund manager empowerment encourages a uniqueness of opinion which allows our fund managers to back their ideas and opinions with conviction. In the face of market consensus our fund managers are empowered to reject the market view and capitalise on them.

Our priority is to continue to facilitate a successful investment environment by ensuring that the support that we provide to our fund managers and investment teams remains fit-for-purpose. We continue to retain and attract the best investment talent – fund managers, analysts and risk professionals – through a strong bespoke investment infrastructure and an attractive and supportive culture which encourages investment challenge and debate.

We have always offered our clients straightforward products together with clear and balanced information, to help them make the right investment decisions for their needs.

Built on our original brand values of transparency and innovation, M&G has developed a reputation with clients for the clarity and honesty of our communication. Continuing – and, indeed, exceeding – expectations in this regard, coupled with the strength of our investment processes and products, is a key objective of the company.  
The common work sequences between the fund management and the research analysts

There is a combination of formal and informal communication between the fund managers and research analysts.

Analysts and fund managers sit together on the same floor, in the same location; helpful in ensuring that investment ideas are shared, debated and tested fully from a variety of different viewpoints. There is a meritocratic and open communication culture within our investment teams. Informal communication takes place frequently.

Formal meetings occur at least weekly, with new and existing ideas discussed in detail. At this meeting, new ideas identified are trimmed down to those that they consider the best candidates for the fund. For each of these, a specific research project is then initiated.

Assets under management

As at the end of December 2009, M&G had AuM of €196,219 million. We have provided a high level indication of our investor base below:

Investor type          AuM %
Internal                   59.7
Institutional             22.5
Retail                      17.8

The sales and distribution channels

M&G’s target clients include a full range of institutions and individuals. Our most important distribution channels are institutional and IFA platforms.

We have expanded our fund distribution into continental Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Current and future investment trends

We have provided a broad overview of our strategy in response to your question.

Our overall strategy at M&G is to focus first and foremost on investment performance, by recruiting, developing and retaining market-leading investment talent, and by providing the environment and infrastructure this talent needs to perform to its full potential.

In the retail market, our strategy is to maximise the value of our centralised investment function through a multi-channel, multi-geography distribution approach. Key themes in recent years have included the growing proportion of business sourced from intermediated channels and the growth of cross-border products. Our diverse product portfolio has proved its worth during the recent turmoil as, for example, bond funds have become more popular than equity based products.

M&G’s institutional strategy centres on leveraging capabilities developed primarily for internal funds into higher margin external business opportunities. In recent years this has allowed us to operate at the forefront of a number of specialist fixed income strategies, including leveraged finance and infrastructure investment. The recent chaos in capital markets has resulted in a renewed focus on more traditional credit and equity mandates, again drawing on our core research and investment expertise.
Facts & Figures

  • Date of foundation: 1901

  • Assets under Management (in EUR)
    As at the end of December 2009, M&G had AuM of € 196,219 million.

  • number of funds (breakdown into asset classes)
    We offer a variety of funds across the different asset classes in Austria

    Weltweit anlegende Aktienfonds
    M&G Global Basics Fund (A) Graham French GB0030932676 17. November 2000*
    M&G Global Dividend Fund (A) Stuart Rhodes GB00B39R2S49 18. Juli 2008
    M&G Global Emerging Markets Fund (A) Matthew Vaight und Michael Godfrey GB00B3FFXZ60 05. Februar 2009
    M&G Global Growth Fund (A) Greg Aldridge GB0030938145 19. Dezember 1967
    M&G Global Leaders Fund (A) Aled Smith GB0030934490 12. Januar 2001*
    Europaweit anlegende Aktienfonds
    M&G European Fund (A) Michael Stiasny GB0030928997 24. Juli 1972
    M&G European Index Tracker Fund (A)** Nigel Booth GB0030929417 31. Januar 2000
    M&G European Smaller Companies Fund (A) Charles Anniss GB0030929748 30. September 1996
    M&G European Special Situations Fund (A) Michael Stiasny GB00B28XTC99 01. Februar 2008
    M&G European Strategic Value Fund (A) Richard Halle GB00B28XT522 01. Februar 2008
    M&G Pan European Dividend Fund (A) Richard Halle GB00B39R4H73 18. Juli 2008
    M&G Pan European Fund (A) Giles Worthington GB0030927924 29. September 1989
    Aktienfonds UK
    M&G Recovery Fund (A) Tom Dobell GB0032139684 23. Mai 1969
    M&G UK Growth Fund (A) Garfield Kiff GB00B23X9910 17. Dezember 1968
    Aktienfonds Amerika
    M&G American Fund (A) Aled Smith GB0030926959 18. Dezember 1972
    M&G North American Value Fund (A) Richard Brody GB00B0HJH99 01. Juli 2005
    Aktienfonds Asien (ohne Japan)
    M&G Asian Fund (A) Matthew Vaight und Michael Godfrey GB0030939770 16. August 1996
    Aktienfonds Japan
    M&G Japan Fund (A) Dean Cashman GB0030938582 06. April 1971
    M&G Japan Smaller Companies Fund (A) Dean Cashman und Max Godwin GB0030939119 15. Mai 1984
    M&G Corporate Bond Fund (A)** Richard Woolnough GB0032137860 15. April 1994
    M&G European Corporate Bond Fund (C) Stefan Isaacs GB0032179045 13. Januar 2003
    M&G European High Yield Bond Fund (C) Stefan Isaacs GB0031288466 15. Oktober 1999
    Spezialisierte Fonds
    M&G Global Convertibles Fund (A) Léonard Vinville GB00B1Z68494 13. Juli 2007
    M&G Optimal Income Fund (A-H) Richard Woolnough GB00B1VMCY93 08. Dezember 2006

  • number of employees
    We have approximately 1,000 employees.

  • fund manager
    We have provided illustrations of the overall teams responsible for equities, property and fixed interest below:



Fixed Interest

  • research department
    Please refer to our illustrations above.

  • largest fund
    As at the end of January 2010, the M&G Recovery Fund was the largest fund valued at €5,430.1 million. 

  • currently most successful fund
    We seek to provide a diverse range of products and to provide clear and transparent information on those funds to our client. We have enjoyed success across our product range in terms of highly competitive fund performances across the market cycle, both during the recent depths of the markets and during their recent recoveries.


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