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Janus Henderson Investors Meldungen im Überblick (Artikel 401 bis 420 von 460)

Will the feelgood factor continue?

Equities globally ended last week higher. Despite a nervous start given geopolitical tensions, manufacturing surveys in the US, UK and China were supportive.But will the feelgood factor continue in markets this week? 11.09.2013 / » Weiterlesen

Japan: Wie wirkt sich die Olympia-Zusage aus?

News that Japan had won the race to host the 2020 Summer Olympics boosted shares prices the day following the announcement. Stocks considered to be beneficiaries of hosting the Olympics performed strongly, continuing a trend exhibited over the past couple of months as Japan became odds on favourites... 10.09.2013 / » Weiterlesen

European outlook - Brighter with sunny spells

Investors are increasingly recognising that Europe is a diverse region offering plenty of investment potential. Henderson Global Investors highlights key arguments to support the case for European equities. 09.09.2013 / » Weiterlesen

Henderson mit dem Sauren Golden Award 2013 ausgezeichnet

Fondsmanager des Henderson Gartmore United Kingdom Absolute Return Fund bekommt beim Sauren Fondsmanager-Rating zwei Goldmedaillen für „ausgezeichnetes Fondsmanagement“. Goldmedaillen für insgesamt sieben Henderson-Fondsmanager. 06.09.2013 / » Weiterlesen

Policy shift breathes fire into China’s economy

Over much of the last decade China has been seen as the factory to the world. Some market commentators had, however, feared the mighty Chinese dragon had been slayed following five straight quarters of year-on-year economic growth below 8%. Encouragingly, data released in recent weeks suggests the w... 05.09.2013 / » Weiterlesen

Market volatility could persist due to US economic data and Syria

Market volatility could persist this week as US economic data and Syrian concerns remain in focus. Eyes will be on the release of the US Employment Report on Friday. Expectations are that the unemployment rate will stay at 7.4%, although the steady pace of job creation could continue. If non-farm pa... 03.09.2013 / » Weiterlesen

Eurozone: Daten sprechen für weitere Erholung

"Eurozone monetary statistics for July were encouraging from the perspective here, showing narrow money M1 rising by 1.0% on the month, more than reversing a 0.5% fall in June", so Simon Ward, Chief Economist at Henderson Global Investors. 30.08.2013 / » Weiterlesen

"Safe haven buying" setzt sich fort

Geopolitical tensions usurp tapering fears: safe haven buying helped US Treasury prices rise, and yields to fall to below 2.8% for the first time in seven sessions. 28.08.2013 / » Weiterlesen

Erfolgreiches erstes Halbjahr 2013 für Henderson Global Investors

Konsequente Restrukturierungsprozesse innerhalb der vergangenen fünf Jahre haben dazu geführt, dass Henderson seinen Fokus auf die Kernkompetenzen richten konnte. Die in vielen Bereichen überdurchschnittliche Wertentwicklung der Produktpalette führte zu kräftigen Mittelzuflüssen im Retail-Segment un... 25.08.2013 / » Weiterlesen

Warum gaben die Märkte Indiens und Indonesiens so stark nach?

Mike Kerley, Manager des Henderson Asian Dividend Income Unit Trust und des Henderson Horizon Asian Dividend Income Fund, mit einem Update zu den jüngsten Kurseinbrüchen auf den indischen und indonesischen Kapitalmärkten. 23.08.2013 / » Weiterlesen

What will the latest FOMC minutes reveal about the Fed’s tapering intentions?

Minutes from the latest meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting are released on Wednesday. The minutes may provide some insight into how strong the Fed’s conviction is for ‘tapering’ to begin in September. 21.08.2013 / » Weiterlesen

Risk assets rallied back

"Following the down moves in June, all risk assets rallied back in July. Over the month, there were a few strong economic data releases from the US, Europe and Japan, but China lagged behind", says Simon Ward, Chief Economist, Henderson Global Investors. 19.08.2013 / » Weiterlesen

What more can we expect from Japan?

It has been an eventful period for Japanese equities so far this year with a new Bank of Japan governor introducing a more aggressive approach to monetary policy and the ruling Liberal Democratic Party consolidating its grip on power through success in the recent Upper House elections. 16.08.2013 / » Weiterlesen

How crisis can provoke change

Bill McQuaker, Head of Multi-Asset at Henderson Global Investors, provides a round-up of markets as we move further into the second half of 2013: 14.08.2013 / » Weiterlesen

China’s e-commerce boom

One part of the Chinese economy that is growing exponentially and that has the potential to deliver significant benefits for employment, tax revenues and overall activity levels is e-commerce. 09.08.2013 / » Weiterlesen

ABS: an attractive, additional funding tool for banks

Publicly placed issuance in the European asset backed securities (ABS) market through the first half of 2013 has totalled approximately €38 billion*, roughly equivalent to the average issuance amount over the past three years. 05.08.2013 / » Weiterlesen

Africa’s financial markets: opportunity for progress on governance

Ecobank Transnational was founded in 1985 with the aim of creating a pan-African bank, owned by local investors, that would contribute to the development and integration of African economies. To address the scarcity of local recruits with the right skills, who tend to prefer high paid jobs in more d... 02.08.2013 / » Weiterlesen

North American REITs should survive bumpy ride

It has been a difficult few months for equity markets, not least North American real estate investment trusts, following the news that the US Federal Reserve could potentially taper its asset purchases this year. 01.08.2013 / » Weiterlesen

Is the yield trade over?

Mike Kerley argues the recent weakness in Asian markets is an opportunity to acquire the region at valuations that look compelling compared to history and relative to other equity markets. 31.07.2013 / » Weiterlesen

Could China’s GDP threaten labour market stability?

In line with consensus economic forecasts, China Q2 GDP (Gross Domestic Product) growth slowed to 7.5% from the 7.7% registered in Q1 2013. The slowdown was driven by weak exports and manufacturing investment although retail sales surprised positively. 30.07.2013 / » Weiterlesen
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