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Janus Henderson Investors Meldungen im Überblick (Artikel 341 bis 360 von 460)

What now for emerging markets?

The somewhat skittish nature of the markets in the first days of February is symptomatic of just how extended the recent run in global equities has been. While we are a team of bottom-up global generalist investors, the technical analysis that we observe has been almost unanimous in pointing to the... 06.02.2014 / » Weiterlesen

Vexatious valuations

Financial media often describe companies, sectors, countries, regions or entire asset classes as ‘cheap’, ‘expensive’ or ‘fair value’. Here James de Bunsen, Fund Manager, Multi-Asset, discusses some of the potential pitfalls associated with using headline valuation metrics. 03.02.2014 / » Weiterlesen

Henderson präsentiert neuen Markenauftritt

Rechtzeitig zum 80. Firmenjubiläum gibt sich Henderson Global Investors einen neuen Look. Das Unternehmen will sein langjähriges Renommee in der Investmentbranche und die wachsende globale Präsenz in seinem Auftritt besser zum Ausdruck bringen. 20.01.2014 / » Weiterlesen

Global Snapshot January 2014 is available now

The latest issue of the Global Snapshot provides a round-up of the main developments in economics, bonds, currencies and equity markets during December. Plus Simon Ward, Henderson’s Chief Economist, considers whether the global economy is entering the late stage of the cycle. 16.01.2014 / » Weiterlesen

The internet can provide secular growth at an attractive price

"We hold a long-term bullish view on the internet sector, having been overweight the sector for the last ten years. Two major factors underpin our thesis", says Stuart O'Gorman, Henderson Global Investors. 14.01.2014 / » Weiterlesen

Die weiteren Aussichten für Dividendentitel

Ben Lofthouse und Andrew Jones (beide Henderson Global Equity Income Fund) über die aktuellen Aussichten und Herausforderungen bei der weltweiten Suche nach erfolgversprechenden Dividendentitel. 09.01.2014 / » Weiterlesen

Wie Unternehmen mit dem starken Euro umgehen

The recent strength of the euro is an unpredictable factor in the prospects for a sustainable recovery in Europe. Richard Pease and Simon Rowe (Henderson Global Investors) discuss how companies in the region are adapting to a strong euro. 07.01.2014 / » Weiterlesen

Video: Equity markets can go higher in 2014

Matthew Beesley, Head of Global Equities at Henderson, gives his outlook for 2014, explaining why he expects markets to continue to move higher and where he sees the most attractive opportunities. 27.12.2013 / » Weiterlesen

The first step on a long journey to normalisation

After several months of prevaricating the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) of the US Federal Reserve (Fed) took a first step in reducing its extraordinary monetary stimulus. 20.12.2013 / » Weiterlesen

Australischer Dollar im Fokus

Effective verbal intervention from the RBA? Recent heavy jawboning from the Australian central bank is beginning to exert more forceful downward pressure on the Australian dollar. The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has been much more vocal in recent days, even going as far as to indicate that the l... 17.12.2013 / » Weiterlesen

Could Paris 2015 burst the ‘carbon bubble’?

Historically, CO2 emissions have been correlated with economic growth as we exploit our cheapest energy sources to fuel development. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Fifth Assessment Report concluded that to have a greater than 66% chance of limiting global warming to the official Un... 16.12.2013 / » Weiterlesen

Corporate hybrid market doubles in size

View from the Credit Desk: As 2013 draws to a close, the Henderson Credit Team examine the recent emerging trend of growth in the corporate hybrid part of the bond markets in Europe, which has seen issuance of around €22bn to date. This is the highest on record, and has doubled the size of the Europ... 13.12.2013 / » Weiterlesen

Brazilian infrastructure: unlocking potential growth

A significant infrastructure deficit has been a long standing hindrance to higher levels of growth in the Brazilian economy. A lack of sufficient capacity on roads and railways, and in ports and airports, is hampering productivity and severely curbing the ability of exporters and importers to operat... 12.12.2013 / » Weiterlesen

Another week to play ‘second-guessing the Fed’ on taper timing

Henderson Global Investor's weekly wrap: Investors had plenty to digest last week with a string of economic releases from both sides of the pond and central bank meetings in Europe. Major stock indices finished the week lower as investors remained cautious trying to second-guess the Fed on the timin... 11.12.2013 / » Weiterlesen

Wie geht es mit Norwegens Staatsfonds weiter?

Norwegens Staatsfonds besitzt über 2 Prozent aller gelisteten Aktien in Europa und verwaltet aktuell knapp 550 Mrd. Euro. Warum sich immer mehr Experten für die Spaltung des Staatsfonds einsetzen, und welche Ziele der Fonds eigentlich verfolgt analysiert Henderson Global Investors in einem Kurz-Beit... 09.12.2013 / » Weiterlesen

Political instability brings the wrong kind of attention for Thailand

Once again political instability is attracting the wrong kind of attention for Thailand. The cause of the recent uprising can be clearly linked back to the amnesty bill — a bill which would have paved the way for the exiled former prime minister, Thaksin Shinawatra, to return to Thailand without fac... 05.12.2013 / » Weiterlesen

More positive vibes are emanating from Peru

The Peruvian stock market has fallen 27% year-to-date. This has largely been caused by a fall in metal prices, causing the current account deficit to widen and its currency to depreciate. But fundamentally, Peru’s macroeconomic conditions remain relatively stable, with low inflation and positive dem... 03.12.2013 / » Weiterlesen

Henderson verstärkt Vertriebs- und Client Service Team

Dirk Bradtmüller (35) verstärkt ab sofort als Senior Sales Director das Vertriebsteam von Henderson Global Investors in Deutschland. Er wird für die Betreuung und Akquisition von Groß- und Privatbanken, Dachfondsmanagern sowie institutionellen Kunden zuständig sein. 02.12.2013 / » Weiterlesen

Lösung des "too big to fail" Problems?

In October the UK government published a number of proposed amendments to the Financial Services (Banking Reform) Bill, including a ‘bail-in’ provision. The Bill has been designed to create a stronger and safer banking system — specifically to address the ‘too big to fail’ problem — ensuring that ta... 28.11.2013 / » Weiterlesen

Scope for further ECB policy action?

In November, the European Central Bank (ECB) took several steps to further loosen monetary policy and to stimulate economic activity. To date, this has included cutting its main policy rate to 0.25% and floating the idea of a negative deposit rate, effectively charging banks to store reserves with t... 27.11.2013 / » Weiterlesen
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