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Janus Henderson Investors Meldungen im Überblick (Artikel 441 bis 460 von 466)

Zeit, die Medizin abzusetzen?

"Natürlich können die Stimulusmaßnahmen nicht endlos fortgeführt werden. Und ein sorgfältig kommunizierter, geordneter und langsamer Rückzug ist einem plötzlichen und unerwarteten Ende sicher vorzuziehen", so Luke Newman, Manager des Henderson Gartmore UK Absolute Return Fund. 25.06.2013 / » Weiterlesen

Japan small- & mid-cap: es ist noch nicht zu spät

The Japanese market has had a good run starting in November 2012, with both large-caps (represented by the Nikkei 225 index) and small-caps (represented by the Topix Small index) up around 71% and 61% respectively until 20 May 2013, when the market began to correct. Yun Young Lee, fund manager of th... 24.06.2013 / » Weiterlesen

Gold: Erst geliebt, dann gehasst

Die Begeisterung der Anleger für Gold hat sich in den letzten Monaten spürbar abgekühlt. "Sollten sich die Politiker als wahrhaft brillant erweisen oder der Kapitalismus in seiner Reinform der Aufgabe gewachsen sein, einen neuen Zyklus nachhaltigen Wachstums ohne Inflation hervorzubringen, wird Gold... 24.06.2013 / » Weiterlesen

Is Bernanke’s message positive for investors?

Since the Fed’s announcement in May that they were considering a tapering of their asset purchase programme, investors have eagerly awaited yesterday’s Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting. Bernanke confirmed his intention to begin tapering quantitative easing (QE) later this year with the t... 20.06.2013 / » Weiterlesen

Auftrieb für Europa Aktien?

Die Pläne einer gemeinsamen Freihandelszone zwischen EU und den USA werden Konkreter, nachdem Frankreich erfolgreich den Schutz der Film- und Online-Unterhaltungs-Industrie ausverhandeln konnte. Es besteht berechtigte Hoffnung, dass ein Wegfall der Zoll- und Einfuhrbestimmungen das Handelsvolumen zw... 19.06.2013 / » Weiterlesen

The 50th International Paris Air Show

As the Paris sun rose on Monday morning, the 50th International Paris Air Show opened its gates to aircraft enthusiasts and business delegates. The one-week show is a showcase for commercial airliners, civil aircraft and new aircraft developments. 19.06.2013 / » Weiterlesen

Global Snapshot June 2013

Global equities posted another positive month in May. However, it was not a smooth ride all the way; strong returns in the early weeks tailed off towards the end of the month on fears of an earlier-than-expected tapering of US stimulus. These concerns also drove a rise in government bond yields (fal... 19.06.2013 / » Weiterlesen

Low income, high wealth: can it create a deluge of spending?

We are living in a world where income is a scarce commodity, whether it is earned from assets or earned from a job. First, financial repression is pulling down yields on assets. Second, various factors are weighing on earnings, including technological change and pensioners living longer. 18.06.2013 / » Weiterlesen

Wachstumspotenzial: Kolumbien & Peru

The Andean countries of Colombia and Peru may be known for being producers of specialist coffee, but for investors they have much to offer. These two resource-rich countries have a collective population of around 76 million and demographic trends that point to strong population growth, declining dep... 17.06.2013 / » Weiterlesen

Doch kein baldiges Ende der Stimulusmaßnahmen der FED?

"Die Märkte haben sich inzwischen an die zusätzliche Geldflut gewöhnt, es wäre sträflich, würde die Fed dies ignorieren.", Chris Bullock, Co-Manager des Henderson Horizon Euro Corporate Bond Fund erklärt, weshalb eine unmittelbare Drosselung der Anleihenkäufe wenig realistisch ist. 14.06.2013 / » Weiterlesen

Fair is foul, and foul is fair

Global equity markets finished lower last week, as investors continued to fret about when the US Federal Reserve might begin tapering its asset purchase programme. 12.06.2013 / » Weiterlesen

Markets await German vote on OMTs

Global equities closed broadly flat yesterday, with mixed data out of Japan and the US spurring most of the activity. There was some encouragement in the form of an upgrade on the US outlook from “negative” to “stable” by credit rating agency Standard & Poor’s. 11.06.2013 / » Weiterlesen

The UK is spreading its ‘export wings’

The outlook for the UK economy is looking increasingly positive. The UK’s manufacturing sector posted a second consecutive month of growth, with May’s Markit/CIPS Purchasing Managers' Index reading of 51.3 marking the highest reading in over a year. What is more pleasing is that the growth was more... 11.06.2013 / » Weiterlesen

Room for improvement: UK vs Japanese high speed rail

Japan has recently begun testing a new generation of ‘floating’ trains, capable of travelling at over 300mph. Using maglev technology, the carriages are propelled by magnets rather than wheels, reducing friction and allowing for a smoother ride. Despite competition from China, Japan is still seen as... 10.06.2013 / » Weiterlesen

Bated breath before the all-important US non-farm payroll print

Weekly wrap: Will they? Won’t they? Markets were in turmoil last week on concerns that the Federal Reserve might soon pull back its bond-buying programme on signs of a recovering US economy. In anticipation of higher rates, US Treasuries yields rose (prices fell) with the 10-year benchmark recording... 04.06.2013 / » Weiterlesen

A welcome correction for Japanese equities?

That the stellar rise in the Japanese market has been checked should not come as a surprise. Since the market turned late last year Japanese equities have risen by more than 70%, driven predominantly by around a 25% drop in the value of the yen against the US dollar. A change in political leadership... 03.06.2013 / » Weiterlesen

A shift of power from lender to borrower

As the grass begins to look greener for many in the global economy, mounting evidence points to a shift of power from lender to borrower as investor confidence rises. Companies which 12 months ago the market would have refused to touch, with even the most lengthy of barge poles, are now issuing debt... 31.05.2013 / » Weiterlesen

What a difference a day makes

Henderson's weekly wrap: Markets were in turmoil last week following Bernanke’s comments, which sparked speculation that the Federal Reserve might begin reducing stimulus soon. As risk assets sold off the worst affected market was in Tokyo where the Nikkei plunged just over 7% in one day. 29.05.2013 / » Weiterlesen

GDP growth: Japanese joy, European gloom

Henderson Global Investors weekly wrap: Weaker eurozone data led investors to anticipate further monetary easing measures from the European Central Bank, driving the German 10-year bund yield lower (prices higher). Conversely, Japanese and US 10-year government bond yields rose. 27.05.2013 / » Weiterlesen

Positive Dividenden-Überraschungen in Asien

The Asian universe of income stocks is witnessing a wave of positive dividend surprises in 2013. The market has generally reacted favourably to this theme and we expect the trend to continue as dividend per share growth has lagged earnings per share revisions since 2011. 24.05.2013 / » Weiterlesen
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