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Janus Henderson Investors Meldungen im Überblick (Artikel 561 bis 572 von 572)

Bated breath before the all-important US non-farm payroll print

Weekly wrap: Will they? Won’t they? Markets were in turmoil last week on concerns that the Federal Reserve might soon pull back its bond-buying programme on signs of a recovering US economy. In anticipation of higher rates, US Treasuries yields rose (prices fell) with the 10-year benchmark recording... 04.06.2013 / » Weiterlesen

A welcome correction for Japanese equities?

That the stellar rise in the Japanese market has been checked should not come as a surprise. Since the market turned late last year Japanese equities have risen by more than 70%, driven predominantly by around a 25% drop in the value of the yen against the US dollar. A change in political leadership... 03.06.2013 / » Weiterlesen

A shift of power from lender to borrower

As the grass begins to look greener for many in the global economy, mounting evidence points to a shift of power from lender to borrower as investor confidence rises. Companies which 12 months ago the market would have refused to touch, with even the most lengthy of barge poles, are now issuing debt... 31.05.2013 / » Weiterlesen

What a difference a day makes

Henderson's weekly wrap: Markets were in turmoil last week following Bernanke’s comments, which sparked speculation that the Federal Reserve might begin reducing stimulus soon. As risk assets sold off the worst affected market was in Tokyo where the Nikkei plunged just over 7% in one day. 29.05.2013 / » Weiterlesen

GDP growth: Japanese joy, European gloom

Henderson Global Investors weekly wrap: Weaker eurozone data led investors to anticipate further monetary easing measures from the European Central Bank, driving the German 10-year bund yield lower (prices higher). Conversely, Japanese and US 10-year government bond yields rose. 27.05.2013 / » Weiterlesen

Positive Dividenden-Überraschungen in Asien

The Asian universe of income stocks is witnessing a wave of positive dividend surprises in 2013. The market has generally reacted favourably to this theme and we expect the trend to continue as dividend per share growth has lagged earnings per share revisions since 2011. 24.05.2013 / » Weiterlesen

Repo markets and the proposed financial transaction tax

The European Commission’s financial transaction tax proposal on most equity, debt and derivative transactions is currently the subject of hot debate and negotiations between the 11 eurozone member states and participants in the financial markets. One area of the industry that seems particularly vuln... 23.05.2013 / » Weiterlesen

Indonesien: Zurückhaltend wegen gesamtwirtschaftlicher Entwicklungen

Henderson Global Investors beabsichtigt auch künftig an einer neutralen Positionierung bei Indonesien festzuhalten. Mehr dazu erfahren Sie im aktuellen Fondsmanagerkommenar, „View from the Trading Floor“ von Mike Kerley, Fondsmanager des Henderson Horizon Asian Dividend Income Fund. 21.05.2013 / » Weiterlesen

Global Snapshot May 2013

Financial markets were in a positive mood in April. Further supportive central bank action in the form of aggressive new quantitative easing plans from the Bank of Japan, positive developments in Cyprus and the appointment of both president and prime minister in Italy ensured the upbeat sentiment ou... 17.05.2013 / » Weiterlesen

Is the tide turning in Brazil?

Chris Palmer, manager of the Henderson Gartmore Latin American Fund, provides an update on Brazil. 16.05.2013 / » Weiterlesen

Indonesia: Cautious at a macro level

Mike Kerley, manager of the Henderson Asian Dividend Income Unit Trust and the Henderson Horizon Asian Dividend Income Fund, provides his view on Indonesia following slightly weaker-than-expected Q1 GDP data. 16.05.2013 / » Weiterlesen

Reserve Bank of Australia senkt Zinsen auf Rekordtief

Henderson's weekly wrap: It is a busy week for central banks with meetings for the Reserve Bank of Australia, National Bank of Poland, Norges Bank, Bank of Korea and the Bank of England. At the time of writing the Australian central bank has cut its benchmark rate by 0.25% to 2.75% in efforts to cou... 10.05.2013 / » Weiterlesen
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